(FOR APPLYING CANDIDATES) After May 1, you'll know if the producers are interested.

IF you do NOT get a call... will you still Meetup?

STILL COME to meetups -- Those who've invested in this process will likely form a valuable (continuing) network.
STILL COME to meetups -- I believe it will be interesting (and fun) ... while it lasts.
WON'T COME to meetups -- I have found applying a rewarding effort, but only being selected would justify any more expenditure of my time.
WON'T COME to meetups -- To be honest, I will not be want to dwell on this. Next.
STILL COME -- IF anybody cute shows up for the first one. {smile}
STILL COME -- IF the first meetup turns out an interesting bunch (who've all voted for item 1 or 2 above) {g}
WON'T COME -- UNLESS ... I'm promised a Showtime series of my very own ... "some day."
WON'T COME -- UNLESS I'm promised a contract for a series ... IN WRITING!
WILL COME -- if BOBBY V-NECK will promise to round up venture capital for my lastest internet business model fiasco in the making. {ewg}
WILL COME -- if BOKE promises not to come. {wink}
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