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/ BOKE NOTE: In early English (1400's 1500's) the word "book" was (sometimes) spelled "boke."

RE EARLY ENGLISH SPELLING: "When Phaire's book was published spelling was very variable.
Phaire, for instance, spelled his own name in several ways (Phaer, Faer, Phaier, Phayre, Phayer).
In the text the same word may be spelled in different ways on the same page (boke, book, or booke;
chyldren, children, etc.)."

The Boke named The Governour (1531) Devised by Sir Thomas Elyot, Knight

The Boke of St. Albans (1486 "REPRODUCED IN FACIMILE") by Dame Juliana Berners

The Boke of Margery Kempe (composed ca. 1436-38) and the Book of Showings of Julian of Norwich (ca. 1390)

The Boke of Chyldren (1544 1545) by Thomas Phayer

The newe boke of justices of the peas 1538 (Classical English law texts) by Anthony Fitzherbert

In thys boke is conteyned the offyce of shyryffes, bailliffes of liberties, escheatours co[n]tables and coroners [and] sheweth what euery one of the[m] maye do by vertue of theyr offyces drawen out of bokes of the comon lawe [and] of the statutes. by Anthony Fitzherbert, Sir

The Boke of Kervynge [carving] (1513)

Castleford's Chronicle or the Boke of Brut
("probably written c. 1327 although the only surviving copy dates from the end of the 14th century")

The Maps and Text of the Boke of Idrography Presented by Jean Rotz to Henry VIII

? Sir John Paston's 'Grete Boke':

Boke of Kokery (circa 1440) This page lists some of the dishes served at a feast held for the ordination of the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1443. The feast included a 'sotelte' or 'subtlety' - an elaborate sugar sculpture - in this instance in the form of a biblical scene.

The Boke of Cupide - Sir John Clanvowe (1341?-1391) [TEXT & FOOTNOTES]

MALORY, SIR THOMAS (1498?) The Noble & Joyous Boke Entytled Le Morte Darthur. Notwythstondyng it treateth of the byrth lyf and actes of the sayd Kynge Arthur: of his noble knyghtes of the Rounde Table, theyr merveyllous enquestes & adventures,


TYNDALE BIBLE (1526) MATTHEW CHAPTER 1/1: This is the boke of the generacion of Iesus Christ the sonne of Dauid the sonne also of Abraham.

EARLY ENGLISH BOOKS ONLINE (titles containing "boke" are listed below)

(Bacon, Roger) This boke doth create all of the beste waters artyfycialles (1550) STC_1180

(Caius, John) A boke, or counseill against the disease commonly called the sweate (1552) STC_4343

(Cicero, Marcus Tullius) Marcus Tullius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties (1556) STC_5281

(Copland, Robert) A boke of the propreties of herbes called an herball (1552) STC_13175.15

(Elyot, Thomas) The boke named the Gouernour (1531) STC_7635

England and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII)
[A proclamation made and diuysed by the kyngis highnes, with the aduise of his honorable cou[n]saile, for dampning of erronious bokes (1530) STC_7775

(Frith, John) A disputacio[n] of purgatorye made by Ioh[a]n Frith which is deuided in to thre bokes. (1531) STC_11386.5

(Frith, John) A boke made by Iohn Frith prisoner in the tower (1533) STC_11381

(Gascoigne, George) Here after folowith the boke callyd the myrroure of Oure Lady (1530) STC_17542

(Guevara, Antonio de) The golden boke of Marcus Aurelius (1537) STC_12437

(Hawes, Stephen) Here begynneth the boke (1504) STC_12945

(-----) Here begynneth a newe boke of medecynes intytulyd or callyd the Treasure of pore men (1526) STC_24199

(Jacobi, Joannes) Here begynneth a litill boke necessarye [and] behouefull (1509) STC_4592

(More, Thomas) The boke of the fayre genty[l]woman (1540)

(Plutarch) Tho. wyatis translatyon of Plutarckes boke, of the quyete of mynde (1528) STC_20058.5

(Rastell, John) A new boke of purgatory (1530) STC_20719

(-----) A Short answere to the boke called Beware the cat (1570) STC_664.5

(Skelton, John) Here after foloweth a litel boke called Colyn Cloute (1545) STC_22601

(Skelton, John) Here after foloweth the boke of Phyllyp Sparowe (1545) STC_22594

(Skelton, John) Here after foloweth certayne boke (1545) STC_22598

(Skelton, John) Here after foloweth a lytell boke, whiche hath to name, Why come ye nat to courte (1545) STC_22615


The Boke Named The Governour: Devised by Sir Thomas Elyot, Knight

The Boke of noblesse: addressed to King Edward the Fourth on his invasion of France in 1475

The Boke of Saint Albans

The Boke of Duke Huon of Burdeux: Done Into English by Sir John Bourchier, Lord Berners, and Printed by Wynkyn de Worde about 1534 A.D.

The Babees Book: Aristotle's A B C, Urbanitatis, Stans Puer Ad Mensam, The Lytille Childrenes Lytil Boke, the Bokes of Nurture of Hugh Rhodes and John Russell, Wynkyn de Worde's Boke of Keruynge, The Booke of Demeanor, The Boke of Curtasye, Seager's Schoole of Vertue, &c. &c. with Some French ...

The Boke of Nurture: By Iohn Russell, Ab. 1460-70

English Hawking and Hunting in the Boke of St. Albans:

A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke, By John L. Anderson, Compiled by John L. Anderson

Ye Gardeyne Boke: A Collection of Quotations Instructive and Sentimental, By Jennie Day Haines, Spencer Wright Published by P. Elder

A Boke Or Counseill Against the Disease Called the Sweate (1552) By John Caius, Archibald Malloch

The Newe Boke of Justices of the Peas, by Anthony Fitzherbert