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NOTE: Of the 668 occurrences of the word "boke" in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), all but about a dozen are occurrences where "boke = book."

boke (Obs exc. dial.) intr. and trans.
To thrust or push out; to butt, to poke.

boking out (thrusting out)
(1601) "Sting have they none, but a certaine kind of the great ones be armed with two long hornes boking out before them, and two-forked they be and toothed like pinsons, in the top, which (when they lift) they can bring togither and make them meet, and so nip and bite withall."

boke (point)
To Boke at one, to Point at one.
John Ray, "A collection of English words not generally used, ... 1674

boke (boko/nose)

boke vs poke (Shropshire Word-Book):
to boke is to hit with a rail (i.e., big stick)
vs to poke is to jab with a (small) stick.

(bolk/boke) to bolk out (trans.):
to give vent to, ejaculate, vociferate