boke: not what you (may) think ...

For whan thy labour doon al is,

And hast y-maad thy rekeninges,

In stede of reste and newe things,

Thou gost hoom to thy hous anoon;

And, also domb as any stoon,

Thou sittest at another boke,

Til fully daswed is thy loke,

And livest thus as an hermyte,

Although thyn abstinence is lyte.

(Chaucer's House of Fame, vv. 652-660)

(for teatimesunday 08/31/08 - TEXT FRAGMENT)

Authorised guide to the Tower of London, 1897, pp 97-98)

LADY JANE GREY (grandchild of Henry VII)
Queen of England and Ireland for 9 days
executed at ~16

"By this tyme was ther a scaffolde made upon the grene

over agaynst the White Tower for the saide Lady Jane

to die apon. . . .

. . . WITH A BOKE IN HER HAND whereon she praied all

the way till she cam to the saide scaffolde whereon

then she was mounted; this noble young ladie, as she

was indued with singular gifts both of learning and knowledge,

so was she as patient and mild as any lambe at hir execution.

Then she stode up and gave her mayde, Mistres Tylney,

her gloves and handkercher, AND HER BOKE to Maister

Thomas Brydges, the lyvetenantes brother.

Forthwith she untied her gowne. The hangman went to

her to have helped her of therewith, and also her frose

paste and neckercher, geving to her a fayre

handkercher to knytte about her eyes.

Then the hangman kneled downe and asked forgevenes

whom she forgave most willingly. Then he willed her to

stand upon the strawe, which doing she sawe the blocke.

Then she say'd," I pray you despatche me quickly.'

Then she kneeled downe saying, 'Will you take it

of before I lay me downe?' and the hangman

answered her, 'No, madame.' She tied the kercher about

her eyes. Then feeling for the block, saide, 'What shal I do?

where is it?' One of thte standers by guyding her thereunto,

she layde her head downe upon the block, and stretched

forth her body, and said, 'Lord into Thy handes I commende

my spirite,' and so she ended."


Lady Jane was buried in St. Peter's Chapel beside her husband,

Lord Guildford Dudley.

LADY JANE (1986) 7:14
(Lady Jane first seen ... reading a book. Plato. In Greek.)

(critical of her for not going hunting with her family)
You should have been out with us... ...

1:14 (11:13) You might think, Father [priest],
the first born of the House of Suffolk
might be considering her future in
her sixteenth year. You might think ...
(knocking book from Jane's hand)
instead of pawing over books all day long.
She could be be, could be learning things that
might be useful to her husband.
(a beat)
Don't you think so, Doctor?

1:39 (11:38)
(The young King Edward enters, in her favor.)
What were you reading, cousin Jane?
(picks up the book, looks at it approvingly)
(moving away)
Good morning, Dr. (Fecana), do you have [the letters of my sister?]
(looking back)
Her learning is an example to us all.

(NOTE: Yet the movie does not include
her taking a book with her to her execution,
as the written account relates. Nor does the
1936 film. Surely the next one will get it right.:)

{ (for) teatimesunday 08/24/08
some BOKE rhetorical verse in Shakespearean sonnet form}

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE they jumped to judge

the quality of songs from planet Earth.

If songs are bad, they do not hold a grudge --

they just erase what's found to have no worth.

Each planet with bad music they destroy.

FROM ONE SONG they'll decide. They let us choose.

So what we choose had better not annoy

the universal ear -- or we'll all lose.

I nominate Ms Stürmer, and the song

that's set her in the heavens of this sphere.

I'll bet my life (and yours), I am not wrong.

We can relax, there is no need to fear ...

Our heroine, in German, will prevail.

Her hammer of sublime hits beauty's nail.

{lol, OK, yeah, that last couplet needs
a rewrite. Perhaps you can do better.

(FOR) 08/24/08
Christina (Stürmer) and the (long) meme

1. Shania Twain
Gonna Getcha Good (4:16)

2. Christina Stürmer
Gonna Getcha Good (2:23)

3. Castingstars
Austrian TV Stürmer profile (4:08)

4. "Ich Lebe" VIDEO
with KARAOKE text (3:19)

5. "Ich Lebe" & the audience
im Alten Schlachthof Dresden (1:39)

6. First round Starmania casting
"Ich Lebe" (1:32)

7. (Fast) Fan Video (lipsynch)
Ich Lebe" (2:09)

8. Fan Video (mit moshpart)(:43)

9. Christina Stürmer "Fieber"
(national soccer promotion) (3:34)

10. Karaoke at the computer
"Ich Lebe" by melie (1:07)

11. "Ich Lebe" VIDEO
with English translation (3:20)

12. "Ich Lebe" (instrumental) (3:22)


13. Fan Singstar (home karaoke) (1:55)

14. Saying "Ich Lebe" (1:15)

15. Christina interview with a song (9:47)

16. Liebt sie dich so wie ich (3:39)



Melissa Mars
[Love Machine]
Olivia Ruiz
[J'envoie Valser]
Peta Wilson [aka:
La Femme Nikita]
[Little Black Mess
LFN video edited by
demargo (youtube)]

[La Vie En Rose
FILM: Jeux d'enfants
end-credits version]

Christina Stürmer
[Ich Lebe]


Phoebe Legere
x 6
1. La Vie En Rose
[TV/After Dark]
2. (the artist)
[w Studs Turkel NPR,
CBS Sunday Morning]

3. Gershwin's Summertime
[Italy TV: Rai Uno]
4. My Wedding Song
[w "The Rev"
Hunter S. Thompson]

5. Johnny B. Goode
The Wogan Show
w guest host Jonathan Ross
w Hugh Laurie on drums...]

6. New York City